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Care Instructions

1. Shampoo and deep condition hair once

you receive it


2. Seal Your wefts (fray check or fray



3. Always use a wide tooth comb


4. We recommend John Freida Frizz

ease serum to fight humidity (dime

size on both sides)


5. We recommend morrocan argan oil to

give hair a beautiful shine and also fights frizz      


6. Keep wavy hair moisturized -Spray

with leave in conditioner/water mix



7. John Freida dream curls or mixed

chicks gives great definition to wavy



8. Co-wash hair weekly/ Shampoo every 2

weeks or sooner if  you work out or sweat

a lot


9. We do not recommend cutting your wefts


10. Wear a silk/satin bonnet when


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