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Questions? Read the FAQ's

How do I manage curly hair when it gets frizzy?

Curly units can be a bit of a challenge to maintain. We recommend that after washing your curly unit, you spray a leave in conditioner and let the wig air-dry. We also recommend using John Frieda Frizz Eaze, which is easily accessible.

How Many Bundles do I need to complete an install?


We suggest 3 bundles when installing 22 inch and shorter. We suggest 4

bundles when installing 24 inch and longer. Please keep in mind the longer

the hair the shorter the weft will be.


Can I color the hair?


Absolutely. You can use permanent color, semi-permanent color, and rinses on the hair just as you would

your natural hair. Please note: Repetitive coloring, or perming will damage virgin/remy hair just as it would

your own.



What is a lace wig?


A lace wig is also called "cranial hair prosthesis", "hair replacement system", or a

"unit". A lace wig is constructed on a very thin mesh/lace cap. It is constructed to

have a very realistic hairline. You can part the wig and it looks very natural. The

wig appears as if hair is growing right out of your scalp and hairline. You apply

the lace to your skin with lace wig adhesive and the lace vanishes once adhered

to your skin. Lace wigs are very versatile, you can wear a high ponytail or up do.



What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig, Lace Front Wig, and Lace Frontal?


Full Lace Wigs- are constructed with the entire cap being lace as well as the

perimeter of the wig. Full lace wigs allow you to wear your hair in high up dos and ponytails.

When you apply the wig, you will have an undetectable hairline.

Lace Front Wig: Lace Front Wig or Front Lace Wig is constructed with lace only in the front of

the wig and the remainder of the wig is constructed with a regular netted wig cap or other

materials such as thin-skin. You will not be able to wear a front lace wig in high up dos or


Lace Frontal: A Lace Frontal is a partial piece of lace that is constructed to only adhere to the

front hairline and front perimeter of your head. A Frontal is great for women who suffer from

thinning hairlines and wish to add fullness to the front hairline. The lace frontal is applied to the

front hairline area, and your natural hair is worn out, or extensions are applied to the rest of the




What is density?


Density is full you desire your hair to be. The standard density is 120%, which is

considered medium density.


What wig would be best to remove every night?


PMP Custom unit


How to remove a lace wig?


91-99% alcohol 



What are bleached knots?


Bleached knots help make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to

the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured. Bleaching or "lightening" the knots

reduces the visibility of this knot. On off black (1B) and dark brown hair, the knots are lightened to

a light brown shade. Very light brown and blonde and shades usually do not need bleached




How do I prevent shedding?


Love My Hair Boutique(TM) recommends that you use knot sealer to seal your knots on the

underside of your wig. Flip your wig inside out and be sure to protect the hair that is left out, you

could use a plastic bag. Spray a light coat of knot sealer on the knots of the lace wig cap. You

should seal your knots after every washing. Knot sealer is available at Love My Hair Boutique,

please see our adhesives/solvents section. As an alternative, you may use clear acrylic spray,

you may find this spray in your local craft shop. Please see our video's section for a complete

how to on sealing your knots. Also, you must shampoo and condition your wig, not washing your

wig will cause the wig to shed.



How long will my wig last?


With proper care and maintenance, your lace wig can last a year or more. Virgin hair usually lasts

much longer.  Take care of your hair ad it will take care of you.

How do I maintain my lace wig?

The best way to maintain your wig and ensure a long life out of your wig, follow these basic steps:

· Brush or comb gently using a wide tooth comb

· Wash wig and apply Silicon Mix conditioner (please see how to video for washing


· Let your wig air dry

· Apply knot sealer

· Apply fray check

· Before going to bed, make sure your wig is protected with a bonnet or a scarf



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